People I work with

I employ and nurture talented people who are supporting their creative practice through highly skilled work in communications. Currently, I am working with:

Komal Amin, an actor working in TV, Theatre and film. I have worked with Komal for over three years with Kali Theatre and more recently to support with post-campaign data and analytics for New English Ballet Theatre. She carries out marketing support and admin at The Space inBetween. Her specialist skills are marketing, writing and editing, google analytics, data gathering, research, databases and social media.

Portrait of Komal Amin

“I love knowing what makes people tick. Deep diving into google analytics and learning about user behaviour on social media is the key to understanding what people really want. The knowledge gained from my work is then utilised to support clients to evaluate, adapt and be more effective in their work.”

I also work regularly with these brilliant researches Lucie Lewis and Bea Udale-Smith.