What I can offer you

I am the Director of The Space inBetween Ltd and I work freelance for a number of organisations in the UK. I love working with clients on a retainer but I am happy to work in a more ad-hoc way, as and when support is needed for projects or specific activities. I can provide a full CV of current and previous clients, please send me a request email.

I keep my finger on the pulse with social media, technology and cultural shifts in language that affect how we speak to audiences. I am a Member of the Arts Marketing Association, a Board Trustee for Theatre-Rites.

In choosing to work with me, I will devise a bespoke approach based on your requirements. I will also identify opportunities and adapt as the work proceeds, continually evaluating and working towards optimum outcomes. I sometimes team up and work with project partners.

I have a knack for getting niche and unique projects visibility in the noise of social media and celebrity culture. I can manage complex PR stunts (ask me about Polka Patron Amanda Holden), organise photographers and briefs and collaborate effectively with your marketing team.

Inhouse, I will develop a contacts database especially for your organisation, researching the most relevant journalists, influencers and writers to build relationships with. I dig deep into the ever-changing press and media landscape to optimise responses to your press releases.

I am highly responsive as PR needs to be, and I can work to strict timelines with professionalism.

Key skills:

  • Strategic PR planning
  • PR and publicity (with access to Arts Media Contacts and an extensive, personal PR database including broadcast and influencers)
  • Campaign copywriting
  • Branding development support
  • Internal & partner communications support
  • Thought Leadership support
  • Influencer strategy and delivery

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