Ways we can work together

I work with clients from two days a month to two days a week. We can work together to assess your needs and find a fee and schedule which suits your organisation and workflow. Read client testimonials here.

Project Contracts: I am happy to work with you to develop a brief, agreement and schedule for a specific time limited project for a set budget.

Why PR Retainer contracts are beneficial: retainers are a set amount days/fee per month on an ongoing basis. My minimum retainer would be 2 days per month.

I learn about the organisation in depth which means:

  • Less time can be spent briefing and managing the work relieving pressure on you
  • I make time for constant check ins for discovery
  • There is time to develop inspiring new strategies
  • I can act as an advocate for the organisation
  • I can support thought leadership opportunities and develop relationships within peer networks
  • Knowing the organisation well means I am in a good position to respond on your behalf
  • The learning curve is sustained, and it is a mutual investment
  • Sophisticated messaging can be developed and sustained

I can employ strategic, long term planning and creative thinking which means

  • We develop sustainable strategies to benefit the future growth of the business
  • I can be more embedded into the team and draw inspiration from different aspects of the business
  • I am available on demand for advice and idea development
  • I can think and plan well in advance which allows for a creative approach that delivers more
  • You receive complimentary ‘thinking time’ and benefit from my relationships with other organisations and wider knowledge

I can focus on developing strong relationships with the right writers, influencers and journalists which means

  • This develops trust and awareness in your business and brand over time
  • We create a press ‘fan’ base that can be given exclusives to and will regularly feature your work
  • Media start to come to me directly with ideas and for anything as they have ‘space’ and know who to approach because they get a timely response
  • I can support strategic advertising so that we are aligned with the best media opportunities

I am always available for immediate response to the media and client which means

  • Being quick off the ball means you never miss a press opportunity
  • The media appreciate reliability and consistency in relationships
  • The media think you are a ‘bigger’ organisation than you are which gives you credibility
  • You and they get what is needed in a timely manner

I keep healthy, up to date, well researched databases that are client specific which means

  • The right messages get to the right media each time
  • Messages can be targeted individually, and contacts nurtured

Retainers provide excellent value which means

  • You can manage your budgets and PR workflow better
  • PR gets better value over time as the learning curve is reduced

Retainers are a win-win for everyone!