Workshop for Teams

How to get the most from PR and your PR people

A 2 hour bespoke, interactive workshop for leaders and their teams

Find out how PR really works and get the most from your PR freelancers and agencies.

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NOW is the best time to invest in PR training, you’ll emerge with deeper knowledge and understanding so you can make the most use of your internal and external PR support from start to finish of your projects.

PR is often seen as a ‘dark art’ or ‘spin’ but in reality, good PR relies on a clear and honest approach to communication.

PR in the time of social media (and indeed during a crisis) is challenging and with the noise of information out there, it can be overwhelming and tricky to know where your work fits in.

It can be confusing, but it is still essential to know the ins-and-outs of how PR can…

•  raise your profile and brand

•  tell your peers what you are doing

•  help you attract new audiences

This workshop aims to demystify the art of PR to help you and your team get the maximum benefit from it now and in the future.

Tailored to your Organisation

This workshop will be tailored to your organisation so you can directly understand how to work with PR’s to get the most effective PR for your investment through understanding the nuances of public relations.

As part of the workshop there will be a participatory element based on your marketing strategy and projects. This will enable you to identify PR potential early and integrate opportunities into your strategy and project plans effectively.

Who is this workshop for?

Small to medium-sized organisations who would like to employ Freelance or Agency PR’s (or already do). I recommend that the whole team joins the workshop to embed PR thinking into the organisation.

NB: Furloughed staff can take part in training as long as they are not providing services and the core business is not training. Read More.


From Cath Hume at Arts Marketing Association

“Binita is brilliant to work with. She delivered some training for the AMA that was very well received. Binita took time to understand what needed, was thorough in her preparation and I am looking forward to working with her again.”

From CC Skills:

“I think it was clearly about PR, as distinct from marketing which was great. It brought new perspectives: the role of PR in growing our partnerships, an understanding of the relationships and tactics between PR and journalist, and between PR and client in terms of brainstorming and shaping the right ideas. I think it was good that we were asked to put our own thinking to the test with a workshop. 

“I found the PR training yesterday very useful – even if I won’t necessarily be responsible for writing company-wide press releases, the information on how to promote a project, write about it and what sort of contacts to nurture was very useful for my work on projects, and gave me some food for thought.”

I went away and wrote my first ever press release the afternoon after doing this session. I feel much more confident in this area now, and have planned for a student placement later in the year to incorporate some of the press contacts research as discussed in the session.

Museum PR workshop attendee

Fantastic and informative session,  As we, in our small organisation, never had a PR person, this is really eye-opener for me and great help in understanding the role of PR and the way to approach our future campaigns.

Museum PR workshop attendee

The example of a good press release and thinking about what you would write for a press release for an event/activity you have done was a good exercise. I have no experience of writing press releases and will need to write some in the near future.

Museum PR workshop attendee

How long is it?

This workshop can be 2 – 2.5 hours with a 10-minute break

How many team members can join?

Up to 20 people.

Where does it take place?

During Covid-19, I will be running this workshop online using Zoom. There will be slides and the bespoke presentation PDF will be sent to you after the workshop.

About me:

I am an experienced freelance Public Relations consultant. I help organisations raise their visibility with audiences through long-term, bespoke PR strategies and research into the best media to nurture relationships with.

I’m a trusted specialist mainly working in the arts and charity sectors. I have a wealth of knowledge, contacts and imaginative thinking to offer organisations wishing to strengthen brand awareness, build audiences and sustain relationships with key supporters on a local and national level.

Current clients include Camden Alive/Mayor of London, Oily Cart and Shape Arts.

Basic PR requirements are a solid knowledge of the press and media landscape as well as an up-to-date contacts database, which is why many organisations opt to employ an agency or freelancer. With this workshop, I will show you how to get the most from your PR.

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